12: Christmas Ramblings


Considering I royally failed the rest of the 12 Days of Anime this year, I figured I would at least say Merry Christmas! It’s never until today that I realize the year is coming to an end, and only now do I really start to reflect. I haven’t been that enthusiastic about celebrating holidays since growing up, but there is still some part of me that thinks fondly about Christmas in particular.

I spent the day opening the few physical presents I got and spending time with my family. This while watching Home Alone, one of my favorite Christmas films. I was planning on watching something anime-related this evening myself (maybe Tokyo Godfathers which I haven’t seen yet or a Christmas special?), but I ended up playing Smash with a friend who just got the Nintendo Switch. OH, something I got was Shigenori Soejima’s 2004-2010 artbook and the most recent volume of Sword Art Online’s novel series so those were nice gifts. I kind of want to write up a post soon on my anime merchandise even though I don’t have all that much, but we’ll see if I actually get around to that.

Considering the rambling and to keep this post at least somewhat anime related, here are a few Christmas images from anime I enjoyed!

I do plan on finishing my 12 Days of Anime posts by the end of the year, primarily because half of them are at least started already. They will still be titled as such, but I will have a note saying that they were posted after the fact. Besides those posts, I will be posting my own “Anime Awards” in a sense that I will have categories and be picking winners for them. Also look forward to my Winter 2019 post, even though I don’t plan on watching that many seasonal series next year.

This was short, but I just wanted to have a nice post go up on Christmas. Lot’s of posts to look forward towards over the next week and into 2019. I hope you’ll stick around and read some of them and again, Happy Holidays! New Years should be fun, I want to buy a lot of fireworks…

Obvious anime fanatic.