5: Best Music in Anime 2018


Posted 12/22, published as 12/18 to keep proper 12 Days of Anime order.

For day five of the 12 Days of Anime, I get to spend my time talking about one of the most important factors in regards to anime: the music. A soundtrack, for me, can easily make or break a show, so it’s only natural that series I really enjoy come along with great music. It would take far too long to go over all of the good music from 2018, but here is some of it.

Lost Song OP“Utaeba Soko ni Kimi ga Iru kara”

Starting off the list is Lost Song’s opening theme titled Utaeba Soko ni Kimi ga Iru karaIronically, I haven’t actually seen this series yet, but I found the OP topping charts on the ANiUTa app and fell in love. Konomi Suzuki’s voice is amazing, and the part where she says “Akiramenai subete wo” (roughly translating to “things I haven’t given up on”), specifically, is beautiful.

A Place Further Than The Universe ED – “Koko kara, Koko kara

Being my choice for Anime of the Year, it’s obvious that A Place Further Than The Universe would also have amazing music, considering that is a personal necessity. “Koko kara, Koko kara,” a song sung in collaboration between all four main characters (and their VAs of course), fits that bill perfectly. Star cast, star show, stunning song.

Violet Evergarden OST

The entirety of Violet Evergarden’s OST is fantastic, but let’s name a few songs that I particularly liked. “Sincerely” by TRUE (OP), “Violet Snow” by Aira Yuuki (OST), and a ton of other OST songs like Theme of Violet Evergarden, Another Sunny Day, The Voice in My Heart, and Always Watching Over You, just to name a few. It’s rare that a series entire soundtrack is brilliant, but that’s something I can easily say with Violet Evergarden.

Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms – “Viator”

Really not much to say about this entry. Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms was a brilliant film, so it’s only natural that the movie’s ED, “Viator” by rionos would be the same.

Food Wars! The Third Plate: Totsuki Train Arc ED – “Atria”

Food Wars! always manages to have good opening and closing songs, and the trend continued with this arc. While I wasn’t overly in love with the OP this time around, “Atria” by Fo’xTails is a really great, high-energy song that I can always get down to. That being said, the first season still easily takes the cake for best music.

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online ED – “To see the future”

Don’t get me wrong, I really loved Eir Aoi’s “Ryuusei” as well, but if I had to choose between the two songs, it would have to be “To see the future” by Tomori Kusunoki (voice of Karen). Something about it, maybe the slower, more laid-back tune appeals more personal to me. Also, I hold a soft spot in my heart for “character songs,” so that could be part of the reason.

Liz and the Blue Bird – “Songbirds”

I’ve always loved the Sound! Euphonium series, and I’m glad I got to see Liz and the Blue Bird in US theaters last month. It’s intimate focus on Nozomi and Mizore was breathtaking, a feeling “Songbirds” by Homecomings similarly gives off.

Fairy Tail: Final Series OP – “power of the dream”

While Fairy Tail has never been the best-written series, it always manages to put out good music. From the currently airing season, “power of the dream” by lol takes the cake versus the ED. Let’s also not forget Carla’s cute as fuck sequence in the opening MV as well.

Sword Art Online: Alicization – “ADAMAS” & “Iris”

It’s probably just personal bias or the fact that I simply adore LiSA and Eir Aoi, but both the OP and ED of Sword Art Online’s Alicization arc are amazing. Titled “ADAMAS” and “Iris” respectively, I really couldn’t ask for better music than this. The two songs fit Sword Art Online to a T.


I could go on and on about music, so I’m cutting myself off there. If you weren’t already familiar with these songs, I hope you’ll give them a listen. On the next episode of the 12 Days of Anime, 6: Best Moments in Anime 2018.

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