4: Older Anime I Watched in 2018


Day four of the 12 Days of Anime is here, and I’m going to be talking about a few of the older series I completed in 2018. To be completely honest, this is probably going to end up as an incomplete post that would normally need to be updated in the future. I was unfortunately stupid while adding shows to my MAL, and forgot to set a completed-on date, so I really don’t have an accurate list of all the older series I watched this year. Despite this, I got through quite a few good ones I can remember (some of which were mentioned in Day #1), so let’s get to talking about them!

*A, hopefully, soon-to-be-completed list of these series can be found on my Anime List page.

Ace of Diamond

I can’t remember how I originally came across this show, but I’m sure glad that I did. In the past, sports anime were never really my forte, only having watched the likes of Battery and Yuri!!! on Ice. Having already dedicated half of my life to baseball in earlier years, I have spent the equivalent amount of time since almost avoiding it entirely. Ace of Diamond was fantastic and can be accredited with getting me interested in the sport again, as well as in the sports genre of anime.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan

Always on the search for good sword fighting-based anime, I  managed to stumble across The Heroic Legend of Arslan. It’s premise intrigued me, and while I was formerly skeptical of the main character (as I am with most characters who share his traits), the series ended up being fantastic. I think it was at this point that I recognized my interest in “historical” anime, a genre in which shows like Gosick and Spice & Wolf can be included.

Initial D

Up until 2018 I had no affinity for cars in general. One of my close friends then got invested in them, and because we talk regularly I did as well. I then sought to translate this into anime (as I do with everything), and with not much to choose from, landed on Inital D. I completely understand that niche shows like this are hard to get invested in without interest, this backed up by the fact that the series has almost no following on MyAnimeList. But if you’re someone who enjoys more obscure titles, or is willing to try it out regardless, I think you will come to find just how incredible Initial D actually is.

The Seven Deadly Sins

Despite my hesitance to “waste time” on a series paraded around as fan-service, I decided to give The Seven Deadly Sins a shot anyways. While the first season was a little lackluster, and Signs of a Holy War was completely unnecessary, Revival of the Commandments really grew on me and I found it quite enjoyable. Having completed it quite recently, I haven’t yet seen an effect on my watching habits but I believe it will be the show that allows me to get into more series with subpar reputations. It is by no means great, but I did really enjoy it.

Snow White with the Red Hair 

A series I decided to binge entirely on a whim ended up being one of the best watched all year. Yes, I watched Snow White with the Red Hair in just two sittings — one for each of its seasons. I have a hard time describing series like this, but let’s give it a shot anyways. Saori Hayami is back in another main role and is fantastic as ever (the opening song by her is great). The one thing I really love about the show, which is also the most important, is Shirayuki and Zen’s relationship. I would have a hard time describing it as anything but endearing, and it really sets a mood.


Besides the seasonal anime I liked from this year, these are the other series I really enjoyed. Looking back at even this short list of five series, there truly is something for everyone. The majority of those listed aren’t by any means popular so hopefully, I mentioned something new for you to go and watch.

Until tomorrow, I’ll take my leave~

Obvious anime fanatic.