12 Days of Anime #12: Reflecting on 2017 in Anime

12 Days of Anime

In my final post of this year’s 12 Days of Anime (yes, I know this is extremely late), I want to reflect on 2017 in anime. So much has changed in the last year for me; my taste has changed, my viewing habits have changed, and my opinion on the entire industry in general has changed. It is now time to talk about these more personal topics, and how I want to continue changing in 2018.

Firstly, is my taste in anime. This is something that is always changing, but 2017 marks a huge improvement towards where I would like it to go. Technically the first catalyst, Yuri!!! on Ice, is from 2016. But this year’s Welcome to the Ballroom is what has really driven my want for change. Watching more obscure sports anime, as well as series’ from that genre in general, is something I really want to attempt in order to further diversify my taste. These two shows, while not being exactly what makes the sports genre special, have encouraged me to give this a try. Additionally, Slice of Life has now become my favorite genre to watch with the release of shows like Your Name, Tsuki ga Kirei, and Sakura Quest.

My viewing habits have also changed drastically from the previous year. With seasonal anime, instead of watching maybe 6-7 shows a season, I now watch 15-20. Most of the series I complete now are seasonal anime. Out of the 107 shows I completed during the 2017 (this would have been higher, but vacation prevented me from finishing a lot of what airing during the Fall season), 65 or more of those aired this year. This is compared to 2016 where I watched less than 40 seasonal anime.

The anime industry has become a lot more important to me this year; more so than it was at the beginning of 2017. I actively follow my favorite voice actors/actresses, I keep better track of when talented creators work on new shows, and I actively seek to learn more about the industry as a whole. I think that it is fascinating to learn about how some of my favorite media is created and who participates behind the scenes. This year, I want to focus more on animation and animators; it is horrible how low wages are in the industry, and I want to learn more in order to brainstorm possible solutions.

2017 was a fantastic year in anime. The show’s were fantastic compared to the previous year, and 2018 is looking to be even better (I”m calling it the year of sequels). As mentioned, I want to watch more anime in the sports genre and learn more about animators in the industry. Lastly, there are many, many shows on my PTW list and I hope to complete a majority of those this year.

Overall, it’s my goal to make 2018 even better than the previous year. Anime and Japan are two things I am passionate about, and I look forward to another great year of learning about both.


What did you think about 2017 in anime? Is there anything you are looking forward to in this new year? Also, be sure to let me know if you participated in the 12 Days of Anime! I would love to find more anime blogs to follow.

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