12 Days of Anime #11: Kashiogawa Graduation and Beyond

12 Days of Anime #11 — Featured

It’s annoying when you know what you want to write about, but you can’t because it hasn’t happened yet. The reason why this 12 Days of Anime post is so late is because I was waiting for the final episode of Just Because! to air.

While not the greatest or most dramatic show this year, the series perfectly depicts the interactions and challenges of those attending high school. It’s light, simple visuals and peaceful music made the show easy to watch, without being boring.

As mentioned, the story is not what draws me in here, it’s the characters. Of the entire cast, there isn’t a single unrelatable person. This creates a likable cast, and makes it more interesting to follow them as they interact with one another.

Great moments, and the facial animation that comes along with them, are the real treat. Especially in the final episode, you can feel all of the emotion oozing out of these interactions.

The way the show wound down in the end was expected, making it a pleasant experience. As with most enjoyable scenes, there was good use of the main tracks found throughout the series. Really, there was nothing amazing about Just Because! at all. But something about it makes you want to watch, and continue following the characters it encompasses. That fact alone makes it something of a spectacular show.


What did you think about this series? If you have seen it, what was your favorite scene? Also, be sure to let me know if you are participating in the 12 Days of Anime! I would love to read more posts from fellow anime bloggers.

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