12 Days of Anime #9: The Dragon Song and the Queen’s Departure

12 Days of Anime #9 -- Featured

It’s interesting that most of the moments I have used for the 12 Days of Anime are from final episodes. Thinking about it further, does that mean the shows themselves haven’t been memorable, but just their endings? Anyways, today’s final episode moment is from Sakura Quest.

As the third installment in P.A. Works’ “Girl’s Working” series, Sakura Quest contains the same positives previous shows had. An energetic main character, lovable cast, good OP’s/ED’s, and a peaceful, quaint setting are all present.

The final episode contains what has now become my favorite song from the show: “The Dragon Song.” While lyrically simplistic, it’s verses give off a nice, happy feeling that just relaxes the soul. Really, the same could be said about most of this OST, but I love this song the most.

Throughout Sakura Quest, “figuring out what you truly want to do” is a reoccurring theme. The final episode shows us the fruit of these labors, as the main cast reflect on their past year under the cherry blossom trees. This moment, as well as many others from the finale, show us just how much Yoshino and the others have grown.


12 Days of Anime #9 -- Body


While they decided to all go their separate ways for now, they will always be friends; united under their experiences in Manoyama. This plays into the “their is something to love in everyone and everything” lesson that we also learn while watching the series. Manoyama is a small village devoid of what Tokyo and other metropolitan areas are known for. But regardless of that fact, it contains things that can’t be found anywhere else

This message of even the simplest of towns and activities having worthwhile experiences is part of why Sakura Quest and other similar shows done by P.A. Works are so special.


What did you think about this series? If you have seen it, what was your favorite scene? Also, be sure to let me know if you are participating in the 12 Days of Anime! I would love to read more posts from fellow anime bloggers.

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