12 Days of Anime #7: The Fallen Moon’s First Performance

12 Days of Anime #7 -- Featured

Well, I’m just now realizing that I used most of my strong moments for the first six 12 Days of Anime. That being said, from the ashes of an average show comes good music. While Fuuka wasn’t nearly the greatest anime of 2017, it’s OST was incredible.

Obviously, coming along with the music itself, were the performances where it was showcased. The highlight of the show was easily their first performance, even before they decided to name their band The Fallen Moon. It’s hard to ignore how good songs like Fair Wind and For You are, but Climber’s High! takes the best song award.


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I also enjoyed how the songs showcased each instrument individually at some point during the music. Powerful vocals, catchy tunes, and a good backup band is really all you can ask for in music. Additionally, it was a nice touch to have the show’s two heroines sing in harmony during The Town Where the Stars Fall by HEDGEHOGS.

While others shows this year overused one or two songs throughout many episodes, I thought Fuuka stuck a nice balance and only played the songs where necessary. Anyways, I still listen to songs from the series on a regular basis. I think this fact is part of the reason their performance was memorable to me.


What did you think about this series? If you have seen it, what was your favorite scene? Also, be sure to let me know if you are participating in the 12 Days of Anime! I would love to read more posts from fellow anime bloggers.

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