12 Days of Anime #5: Tsuki ga Kirei Episode 12

12 Days of Anime #5 -- Featured

*Tsuki ga Kirei is a fantastic series. Please go watch it immediately. Then come back and marvel at it along with me.
-This post contains spoilers. I don’t want to ruin something this amazing for anyone, so please only read with that in mind.-


The fifth day of the 12 Days of Anime. This post covers a series that is extremely special to me; Tsuki ga Kirei. Being a Slice of Life fanatic, this series resonated with me on a very personal level. As it stands currently, Tsuki ga Kirei is far and above my Anime of the Year. It even ranks in my top 10 favorite anime of all time. I didn’t actually watch this show while it aired, rather, I binged it after-the-fact a few months ago.


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I could literally write for ages about this show, but I plan on doing something more in-depth with the series at a later date so I will only briefly cover a few things. While many shows fall flat with their final episodes, Tsuki ga Kirei really brings everything together. Often a show will leave us with a cliffhanger only to never return. This is much more common in original series (This one is an original as well). Giving us a complete ending wrapped up in a realistic way is something that this show does perfectly.

Moving more towards actual content, I love how this series always includes quotes from Osamu Dazai; ones that actually relate to what is currently happening in the show. Episode 12 gives us this: “The true substance of love lies in the act of howling words of love with the desperation of a man jumping into high seas.” This quote is immediately followed by Kotarou yelling “I love you” towards the train Akane is riding. Coincidentally, she is at the same time, reading similar words in the story that Kotarou wrote about her.

While there was one part in this last episode that annoyed me a little bit, I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to the series. It was emotional, relatable, beautifully told, and ended with an image sequence of text messages regarding the future. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.


What do you think about this series? If you have seen it, what was your favorite scene? Also, be sure to let me know if you are participating in the 12 Days of Anime! I would love to read more posts from fellow anime bloggers.

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