She and Her Cat Manga Review

She and Her Cat Manga Review -- Featured

She and Her Cat (Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko) was originally published in February 2016 and is written by both Makoto Shinkai and Tsubasa Yamaguchi. The single volume manga is actually an adaptation of the five-minute OVA that aired in April 2002. The story also received an alternative four-episode version in March 2016. The artwork for the manga was also done by Tsubasa Yamaguchi.

Review: While I usually have a separate little section for the synopsis, the premise of this story is fairly simplistic, and didn’t warrant said section. She and Her Cat revolves around a young woman simply referred to as She, and her cat Chobi. The story is uniquely told from Chobi’s perspective, and I think this gives good insight on how our pets at home may feel towards us. One rainy day, She finds Chobi abandoned outside, and decides to take him in. Chobi explains that immediately after meeting her, he fell for her kind and gentle personality. He had not only found a home, but also the love of his life.

She begins going through harder times. One day, She came home smelling like alcohol. Chobi notes that “In this apartment that smells like her, she was the one thing that smelled out of place.” Later that week, she goes out with an old friend from college named Tomoka. It is here that her name, “Miyu,” is used for the first time. Tomoka asks Miyu questions like “Are you feeling worn out?” and “How is your job going?” that causes her to reflect on her current life. Chobi notes that “When she came home, her face seemed sadder than when she’d left.”

Miyu then gets a call from her mother, which ends up with her crying all night. She goes out for a walk the next day and contemplates her feelings. The story switches back and forth between her and Chobi, who voices his concern and support for her. Miyu ends up under a bridge in the rain and begins crying again. It is then that Chobi shows up with the line “I don’t understand why she cried. But I will always be by your side. After all, I am your cat.”


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Now knowing how much Chobi cares for her, Miyu turns over a new leaf. As time continues and winter begins, she is noticeably much happier. Miyu talks to her mother and friend more often and is even asked out by a co-worker. After long contemplation, she leaves for work the next day. She came home as beautiful and happy as always, and Chobi notes that he never saw that man again. Miyu, instead of romance, decided that she was content with her current life with Chobi.

The story, while simplistic, is extremely sweet and enjoyable. Unfortunately, we don’t get much character background, but it is nice to see Miyu evolve throughout the volume. Chobi however, stays stagnant, but this isn’t too much of a problem. The best part about She and Her Cat is the artwork. The illustrations are breathtaking and fit perfectly with the setting and theme. Overall, the story does well to solidify the notion that pets have an undying love for those that take care of them. They just want what’s best for us.

Story: 8/10

Characters: 7/10

Art: 9/10

Enjoyment: 8/10


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