Anime I’m Excited For | Spring 2017

Anime You Should Be Watching | Spring 2017 -- Featured

With many of the normal 12-13 episode shows nearing their halfway point, here are some of the anime you should be watching this spring! Remember, this is just our opinion, and any show could become either good or bad by the end of the season.


Sakura Quest


Anime You Should Be Watching | Spring 2017 -- 1



From the same studio behind the popular Shirobako, P.A. Works brings you their third installment in the ‘girls working’ series; Sakura Quest. Our main character Koharu takes a countryside job that turns out to be something she would never have expected. Upon arriving in Manoyama Town, the first thing she learns is that her job was meant for someone else! The local tourism board is trying to hire a new queen, and after an attempted runaway she decides to take the job. Along with her, four other young girls are hired to fill various positions.


My Hero Academia S2


Anime You Should Be Watching | Spring 2017 -- 2



After its tremendously popular first season aired in April 2016, fans were extremely excited to see My Hero Academia get a second season so quickly. Basically, the Japanese take on the traditional American comics, My Hero Academia introduces ‘quirks.’ These are special powers that nearly 80% of the population now has. Although Midoriya aspires to be the greatest hero ever, he is, unfortunately, one of the 20% born without a power. While learning this initially causes him to be depressed, he then meets All Might, the worlds #1 hero. Midoriya inherits his amazing power, but must now learn how to control it.


Granblue Fantasy The Animation


Anime You Should Be Watching | Spring 2017 -- 3



Granblue Fantasy The Animation follows a boy named Gran, who dreams of leaving home to explore the skies and search for his dad. One day he comes across a girl named Lyria, who fell straight out of the sky. She has escaped from the Erste Empire, a military government that is trying to rule the world. In order to escape, they must take to the skies and head towards Estalucia, Island of Stars.


Grimoire of Zero


Anime You Should Be Watching | Spring 2017 -- 4



Grimoire of Zero is set in the year 526 according to the Liturgical Calendar. Most of the population is scared of witches and their sorcery, but they aren’t yet aware of a new art called magic. Our story follows a half human, half beast mercenary. He has always dreamed of being human, and now he has a chance of becoming one. The witch is introduced as Zero, who is searching for a magical tome that could destroy the world. Mercenary must join Zero on her journey, even though she is one of what he hates the most.



I hope you enjoyed our list of anime you should be watching this season! Is there anything else that is really good and got missed? Let us know!

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